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Travelvision is a manufacturer of high performance satellite reception systems.

We provide solutions for inland shipping and the leisure caravanning market. Our products offer simplicity, reliability and ease of use with an excellent price/performance ratio. Unique innovative technology, convenience and price are the decisive factors for success. Click on one of the buttons below and you will immediately be redirected to the page of your choice.

The Travel Vision R6 satellite antenna combines the advantages of a fully automatic system with that of a portable system at a very attractive price!

Place your caravan or camper in the shade from a tree, set up the system anywhere you like and enjoy your favourite television programmes. The R6 is very easy to use, just slide the dish into the tripod and connect the cable to your tuner. With the push of a button the Travel Vision R6 automatically searches for the satellite you require and you can start watching tv. Once the system has been aligned you can easily remove the control panel, store it in a safe place inside and continue to watch television.

Travel Vision Q7 brings multimedia on board

The Travel Vision Q7 is a high performance tracking dish. The applied technologies are optimized for vessels operating on inland waterways, this allows to accurately track the satellite.

Quality materials and a prescribed dish diameter with sufficient signal output ensures maximum reliability. With the Travel Vision Q7 you can enjoy the full package offered by the satellite in a large sailing area.

About us

Travelvision  is a manufacturer of high quality satellite reception systems. We provide solutions for the maritime market (inland  shipping) and the leisure caravanning market. Research, design, development and manufacturing of our products are carried out at our office in the Netherlands.

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